Director: Professor Bogdan Sasu

4 research groups

The aim of this center is to develop advanced research in qualitative theory of dynamical systems, mechanics and geometry, differential equations and PDE`s, with applications in control theory. Our purpose is to consolidate the performance of our research team in order to achieve results with great impact at international level. The center envisages the organization of seminars, workshops, conferences and to support its members to participate in academic exchanges at prestigious universities and research centers. A central aim is to offer a collaborative environment aiming to stimulate high quality research in the qualitative theory of systems and to encourage the cooperation with national and international research teams.

Text Box: Mathematical Analysis and
 Applications in Control Theory 

Group Leader:   Prof. Mihail Megan
Research Topics:
differential equations in abstract spaces
stability and hyperstability
dichotomy and trichotomy
Research Center in Qualitative Theory of Systems
with Applications in Control Problems

11 PhD students

19 researchers

Text Box: Differential Equations and
 Nonlinear Analysis

Group Leader:   Prof. Petru Jebelean
Research Topics: 
variational methods in nonlinear boundary value problems
topological methods in nonlinear analysis
qualitative theory of differential equations

Text Box: Asymptotic and Geometric
Behaviour of Dynamical Systems 

Group Leader:   Prof. Bogdan Sasu
Research Topics:
asymptotic theory of dynamical systems and evolution equations
qualitative theory of discrete dynamical systems
control theory
dynamical and geometrical properties of integrable systems

Text Box: Dynamical Systems, Mechanics
 and Geometry 

Group Leader:   Assoc. Prof. Petru Birtea 
Research Topics:
geometric mechanics
symplectic geometry
global analysis
Lie theory

Contact: Professor Bogdan Sasu (bogdan.sasu@e-uvt.ro)

Department of Mathematics, West University of Timisoara, http://www.math.uvt.ro/

Blvd. Vasile Parvan, No. 4, 300223 Timisoara, Romania